Import (Ocean – Air – Truck)

- Receipt and analysis of all documents.
- Request of correction letter to invoices and/or other documents, if necessary.
- Funds request, after receiving customs clearance instructions.
- Paying or receiving all rates, expenses and duties.
- Issuance and registration of DI on the Siscomex system.
- Arrange customs clearance of the goods with lower warehouse periods.
- Exemption of ICMS tax, whenever possible.
- Analysis and control of demurrage time.
- Harmonized code consultancy.
- Follow-up with the airlines, shipping lines and trucking companies.
- Assistance and consultancy in special equipment imports (second-hand material, ex-tariff, etc.).
- Costs reports, whenever requested.
- Correction of DIs, if necessary.

Export (Ocean, Air, Inland)
- Receipt and analysis of export requests.
- Follow-up of procedures along with the government offices (ANP, DTIC, etc).
- Suggest cargo consolidations aiming at cost savings.
- Programming the operational procedures as loading, movement of empty containers, stuffing and transport, related to ocean freight.
- Follow-up the pre-inspection as demanded by importers.
- Arrange booking with shipping lines and airlines, as well as issuance of B/Ls and AWBs.
- Issuing shipment pre-advise.
- Sending all related documents via courier to importers/cargo agents.
- Preparing, analysing and sending documents to bank negotiations.
- Control of registrations on the Siscomex system.
- Arranging entry and customs clearance with customs authorities.
- Paying port taxes.
- Follow-up physical inspections.
- Getting B/L with the shipping line.

Inland Transport

Brazil and Mercosul

- Own fleet.
- Trucking Projects.
- Trucks.
- Containers.
- Consolidated cargo.
- Fast pick up and delivery.
- Registration at Anvisa.
- T-4 N47.

International Transport

- Argentina.
- Uruguai.
- Chile.
- Paraguai.
- Bolivia .